Beauty, youth and idealism have informed the work of Tania Qurashi. The work focuses on portraits of young male musicians to consider a genre of beauty. The intention is to encourage observation and self-reflection as a means of seeing musicians as an extension of our inhibited selves. The shallow and shiny surfaces contradict the honesty and depth that she tries to convey through the paintings. The idea is to present aspects of youth in an aesthetic that reads as both shallow and vulnerable. Her paintings attempt to create sensual portraits, to draw the viewer in and to engage with an idea of romance. Identity is a significant part of the work because it fosters from the relationship between artist and subject. When we have a crush on a person, we only know a small part of who they really are. As a result of our ignorance and infatuation, we imagine who they are and who they can be. The subjects in her paintings are fictional because they are imagined crushes and attractive strangers. There is an emphasis on the figures offering a combination of detachment and tenderness as a way to interact. These subjects project an idea of introspection in an attempt to express a feeling of melancholy to communicate the longing to understand the person of our desire and admiration.